About us


It is my pleasure to introduce The Association of Latin American Women, LLC (ALAW).

The ALAW was founded in January 2016 as a for-profit organization. Our mission is to coordinate resources within our communities to promote the Latin American culture. We will achieve this by forming coalitions, resolving issues of concern and developing leadership skills. Our educational, cultural and social projects are designed to empower Latin American Women.

Our organization is all-inclusive – we welcome men and women, and people of all ethnicity and races. We invite you to attend our workshops, network-marketing and fund-raising events. One of our goals is to connect business owners, professionals in every field, and service providers with one another. We hope you’ll embrace this great opportunity to expand within the fast growing Latin American community and its markets.

During the past three decades Latin American women have faced social, cultural, financial and educational challenges. They have been seeking a source of support where they can obtain information and guidance. The ALAW gives them direct access to governmental and non-governmental benefits that will assist them in becoming self-sufficient. We are committed to utilizing state of the art technology and tools in our innovative programs.

There are more than 55 million Latin/Hispanic people living in the US. This demographic comprises approximately 17% of the population in the Poconos. Please join the Association of Latin American Women and get to know your neighbors, share your knowledge and expertise, and build a stronger community.

Sylvia Piserchio



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